The core value that helps Austdoor roller shutters win the trust of customers is the understanding of families’ concerns when choosing roller shutters, then significant investments are made in R&D by Austdoor to create technologies that eliminate the concern.

The nowadays roller shutter market are remarkably dynamic with a variety of suppliers. However, if we go back into 17 years ago, Austdoor is proud to be the first company to import Australian roller shutter technology into Vietnam. After 17 years, with restless effort in creativity, Austdoor roller shutters with outstanding advantages are always the most popular among customers.

The technology that helps Austdoor remain its leading position and outperform other competitors in the market is Austmatic – Protective drive technology created by Austdoor.

Austmatic – innovative drive technology that makes Austdoor roller shutters safer and more user-friendly

In 2011, Austdoor officially launched this smart technology. Thus, every Austdoor roller shutter is equipped with a spring-loaded shaft system that can last up to 25,000 times of operation with the opening and closing speed of 20 centimeters per second, which is very fast and smooth. With this structure, users can operate smoothly by hand in case of emergency by pulling the cone clutch.

With the compact motor using 24vDC direct current, Austdoor roller shutters are always safe and user-friendly even in the event of a power leak.

The most remarkable advantage of Austmatic technology is the ability to automatically reverse to roll up when encountering obstacles. This feature is a breakthrough that completely eliminates the concern of users about unwanted situations caused by poor-quality roller shutters in the current market.

Additionally, the Austmatic technology can be easily integrated with other technologies such as anti-copying pass code technology, connectivity with mobile devices or safety device integrated to ensure the security and absolute safety for users.

It can be said that constant creativity is the guiding principle and prerequisite that makes the Austdoor brand the most lasting impression in customer’s mind when it comes to the leading safe roller shutters. With Austmatic drive technology, Austdoor roller shutter is not only a “bodyguard” for your house but also ensures safety and serene lives.

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