Many products and technologies of Austdoor roller doors are being “abused” to counterfeit and copy, directly affecting businesses and consumers.

Roller door market is extremely exciting with hundreds of brands offered for sale, rich designs, diverse colors and it is not difficult to find a product that suits the needs of customer. However, customers will have “difficulty” in identifying what is genuine, when over time, there have been a number of roller door products with similar names, images and colors, even just one letter different from the real brands.

Clarifying the act of counterfeiting and imitation of roller doors

When the market and products are increasingly diversified, the acts of counterfeiting, imitation, and trademark piracy are sophisticated and complicated, therefore affect the production and business activities of enterprises, especially in the context of the Covid19 epidemic and rising input material prices.

Austdoor roller doors (on the right) are being imitated sophisticatedly

Counterfeit and fake roller doors are often self-processed, assembled equipment is not synchronized and are not tested for quality or safety, even without product warranty. Therefore, the door is often degraded quickly, easily stuck, deviated or broken, unstable operation, especially when damaged, customers do not know who to ask for warranty. The use of low-quality roller door products poses potential security and safety risks such as theft, accident, etc. to the user.

The packaging of Austdoor roller door (on the right) is also fake

Uncompromising with this issue, recently, Austdoor continued to report and work with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Intellectual Property Department and the Hanoi Economic Police Department on acts with signs of infringement of intellectual property rights, imitation of Austdoor brand. According to the investigation of the authorities, most of these establishments could not present the business license, trademark protection registration, small production lines and do not have certificates of origin of materials, COCQ and technology. With the aim of creating products similar to big brands in order to profit from customers’ trust in reputable products, these establishments did not care about the safety and interests of consumers, leading to unfortunate accidents that may occur in the future.

Pioneering investment in products and differentiating technology

As the leading safe & intelligent roller door brand, winning the National Brand 2 times in a row, Austdoor roller doors have been the choice of millions of customers nationwide.

Austdoor owns 3 leading modern roller door factories

“Instead of choosing competitive solutions on price, we always prioritize improving technology, product quality and service to bring customers better and better experiences. In addition, ensuring supply through a system of officially authorized dealers and transparent information listing will help consumers easily access, recognize and use genuine products, ensure maximum benefits for customers” – Mr. Le Thanh Son – the Northern roller door sales director, Austdoor Group affirmed.

Austdoor roller doors are manufactured on modern, large-scale production lines, from input materials to high-grade surface paint, and are continuously integrated with modern technologies such as anti-copying codes, alarms, fire alarm or reverse when encountering obstacles… With a system of more than 600 authorized distributors, 2000 points of sale nationwide, customers can easily access and buy Austdoor’s genuine products and professional after-sales service and warranty.

To protect interests, consumers should wisely learn and choose a famous roller door brand to protect the safety and together to prevent counterfeit goods.

Choosing safe and intelligent roller doors brings safety and peace of mind to the family. Please research carefully before choosing.

For further information, please contact:

– Hotline: 1900 6828

– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/austdoorofficial

– Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/cuacuonaustdoor for support.

Basic identification of genuine Austdoor roller doors:

– The door body has a blue AUSTDOOR aluminum stamp, the letters are sharp and reflective.

– The AUSTDOOR logo has clear Kangaroo image

– The back of the door body has printed electronic letters AUSTDOOR logo and technical parameters