On 30 May 2020, in Dong Nai, Austdoor Group organized the Visit to Topal Nhon Trach Aluminum Plant and Awards Ceremony of Promotional Program for Southern Manufacturers with the total prize value of over VND 1.3 billion.

Topal Nhon Trach Aluminum Plant was heavily invested and marked a new milestone on the development path of Austdoor in the aluminum industry in particular and construction materials in general. With the area of more than 50,000m2, TOPAL Aluminum plant is equipped with a modern production line in accordance with ISO 9001 2015 standard with the high capacity reaching 30,000 tons of aluminum/year – which ensures an abundant supply for the Southern market, providing optimized aluminum profile and accessory solutions that meet the standards for professional aluminum distributors and manufacturers across the country, contributing to the elimination of the dependence of domestic companies on foreign suppliers with high import costs.

Topal Dong Nai Aluminum Plant with large area and capacity ensures the supply of high quality Aluminum products for domestic and foreign consumers

This is the second plant in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai and the sixth one across the nation of Austdoor Group. Topal plants have a strict manufacturing process in order to produce high quality aluminum products in accordance with European standards. In the trip, Resellers had an opportunity to directly observe the aluminum material areas, high capacity aluminum extrusion areas, processes of aging, surface treatment, automatic powder coating to the deliverables packaging area before warehousing and get ready to deliver to domestic and foreign customers. The aluminum manufacturing process is ensured from the input material, which is 100% of imported aluminum billet, ensuring the compliance of the aluminum alloy content with AL-6063 standard.

Resellers may directly examine the quality of Topal’s aluminum products

The field trip gathered nearly 100 distributors and manufacturers of Topal aluminum in the Southern region as a part of a series of activities to tighten the partnership between resellers and Austdoor Group, while affirming the customers’ trust in the brand of Topal Aluminum (a brand of Austdoor Group), the products carrying the faith of Vietnamese aluminum.

The field trip to the plant enabled distributors and manufacturers to directly examine the quality of aluminum products that they are distributing as well as have a better understanding about the capabilities of Topal Aluminum.

The Awards Ceremony of Promotional Program “Get constant revenue from doors and bring SH scooters home” for TOPAL Aluminum Manufacturers in the South was held as a part of the event. This is a series of program held by TOPAL Aluminum for customers as Topal Aluminum Manufacturers across the country. The program has been implemented since 2019, divided into many phases for the 3 regions with 3 award structures for Manufacturers. The program has attracted the participation of thousands of resellers across the nation.

Topal is handing over Honda SH Mode scooters to Manufacturers in the South

In the South, TOPAL has given a total of 56 awards to the Manufacturers in the South, including 07 Honda SH mode scooters, 10 Honda Vision scooters, 39 LCD 55-inch televisions with the total award value of over VND 1.3 billion.

The program will be continued to be organized by Austdoor Group in the coming time to bring about values for partners and consumers in Vietnam.

Austdoor Group was founded in 2003, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading manufacturers and providers of solutions for doors in Vietnam, owning such famous brands as Austdoor Roller Shutters, Topal Aluminum, Huge Wooden Doors, Sunspace Doors & Glass Railings, Austcare Installation and Warranty Services, Austdoor Mechanical Accessories, etc.

As the pioneer in importing smart roller shutters from Australia, bringing about a turning point for the manufacturing and provision of roller shutters in Vietnam, up to now, Austdoor has become the leading manufacturer and provider of door products in Vietnam with 06 manufacturing plants & nearly 2,000 distributors and manufacturers across the country, proud to be the National Brand.