The Covid-19 pandemic continues to develop unpredictably, many enterprises are struggling to maintain their business while attempting to fulfill their social responsibilities and joining hand with the community to handle the pandemic. With the spirit of “Nationwide solidarity to fight against Covid-19 and the people of Austdoor shall not stay out of the fight”, Austdoor Group, the Leading Group in high-quality doors and construction materials, has officially taken action.

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented “shock” and therefore its impacts on the world’s economy in general and Vietnam’s economy in particular are inevitable. Small and large enterprises around the world are on the brink of crisis relating to finance, human resources and the entire operations of manufacturing, business, and product and service consumption, etc.

So how can we shift from the passive position to active position thereby finding a way out of this unprecedented crisis? Below are several key responses by Austdoor Group to Covid-19 pandemic?

Implementing continuous manufacturing and business plan

Since the very first day, Austdoor Group has developed a number of manufacturing and business scenarios to provide backup plans for a variety of situations. Preparedness plans have also been established throughout the network of branches and plants across the nation to ensure the continuous operations of the company.

“We’ve organized and established groups to communicate and redirect the strategies, develop operational plans that are constantly updated to deal with the pandemic. Employees in some departments and regions have been scheduled to take turns working remotely. At our plants, we have applied the alternate work plan to protect staff’s health and maintain manufacturing activities of the companies even under the worst circumstance. In addition, we have also accelerated the company’s digitalization process, experimentally integrated the new information technology infrastructure to the enterprise management operations to be efficient in working remotely.” (Mr. Duong Quoc Tuan – Chairman of Austdoor Group shared about the Group’s initial reactions to Covid-19).

Protecting staff’s health and communicating the awareness of active pandemic prevention

Implementing in accordance with directions by the Ministry of Health and functional agencies of the Government, Austdoor Group has rapidly launched the internal communication campaign to disseminate Covid-19 prevention guidelines for the staff at plants and branches across the country such as wearing gloves, washing hands with verified soap or antiseptic solutions, installing sterilizers, medical thermometers and prohibiting meeting and gathering with more than 10 people at the same place, etc.

Austdoor Group has also developed many plans to ensure that all of its branches and plants from the office to manufacturing, business, and distribution departments have suitable plans in place to protect the employees and ensure the safety of all of Austdoor’s products.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Austdoor Group has implemented additional cleaning and sanitizing procedures, particularly for contacting surfaces, and restricted guests from entering and exiting our facilities; we have also required 100% of visitors to the office to wear masks and comply with the steps of health controls to fight against the pandemic.

Standee in ADG office and communication posters for the prevention and control of Covid-19 pandemic

Encouraging to work remotely, establishing Covid-19 Steering Committee

In addition to holding face-to-face meetings online, Austdoor Group has also encouraged its employees to organize their work and make plans to work remotely in an effective way. This change has been decided with care and in line with recommendations on reducing the gathering of many people and increasing social distance.

Austdoor Group has also quickly established Covid-19 steering committee to cooperate in gathering and processing information and giving important conclusions for individuals, affiliated units, manufacturing and business activities during the prevention and control of the pandemic. This steering committee is also responsible for classifying and responding quickly to potentially infectious cases. Up to now, there has been no record of infected or suspected cases in Austdoor Group.

Besides, staff are also required to “abide the law”, not allowed to gather and wander around if not necessary. Cultural, art and festival activities have also been conducted online. On the very first day of new year, the Group organized a nationwide live streaming session, followed by many activities, such as cooking contest to celebrate the International Women’s Day, which are held online and still attracted the enthusiastic participation of the group’s staff. During the pandemic time, employees are encouraged to maintain optimistic mindset, attitude and develop good habits while being restricted to go outside during the pandemic time such as reading books and sharing good books with others, etc.

Poster of online cooking contest for Austdoor Group’s staff

Organizing activities to make donation for the prevention and control of pandemic

On 24 March 2020, Austdoor Group donated 6 hot and cold water dispensers, 1 large water heater and nearly 400 bottles of antiseptic mouthwash to the quarantine facility of 59th Infantry Regiment, Xuan Mai, Hanoi.

Austdoor Group’s donation to the 59th Infantry Regiment, Xuan Mai, Ha Noi

On 28 March 2020: The Group launched the campaign “People of ADG do not stay out of the fight Covid”, calling for the support of all staff in raising funds to buy gifts for front-line units for a joint effort in fighting the pandemic

On 01 April 2020: Donated 100 hot and cold water dispensers, 500 electric kettles and thousands of antiseptic mouthwash bottles to:

+ Dong Da Hospital, Hanoi.

+ Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi.

+ Thanh Nhan Hospital, Hanoi.

+ E Hospital, Hanoi.

+ National Hospital of Tropical Diseases, 2nd branch, Dong Anh, Hanoi.

+ The 370th Division – Air and Air Defense Force, Ho Chi Minh City.

+ Dong Nghe Preparatory Training Center, Da Nang City.

These are not only Austdoor Group’s social responsibilities but also the voices of thousands of Group’s employees with the steely determination to “Defeat the Covid-19 pandemic at all costs”.