On 25th May, 2021, Austdoor Group and Novaon Group held the signing ceremony “Starting the digital transformation project of CRM – Customer Resource Management (CRM) systems”. The project is in the phase 2 of Austdoor Group’s overall digital transformation strategy.

Mr. Duong Quoc Tuan, the Chairman of Austdoor Group and Mr. Nguyen Minh Quy, the Chairman of Novaon Group signed the cooperation agreement.

In the strategy to 2025 with a vision to 2030, Austdoor Group shows ambition for digital transformation by focusing on bringing digital transformation into production business activities and applying software to support resource management as ERP (SAP, E-Office…) to optimize the administration and operation process. In addition, Austdoor wants to develop more applications of digital technology to connect the dealers system, customers about products and services, sales programs, brands… in order to improve customer experience but still need to be synchronized with the existing management systems of Austdoor.

Novaon is an experienced enterprise in consulting and implementing digital transformation solutions for 95,000 businesses, with 10 platforms and more than 20 digital products “Make in Vietnam”. With a wealth of experience and diverse digital technology products, Novaon has helped Austdoor solve the problem of digital transformation in production and business activities by offering two supporting solutions as multi-channel interaction management with customers, Onshop OmniHub and Omni-channel CRM for customer relationship management.

When applying the Onshop OmniHub solution in digital transformation of the dealers system, each Austdoor dealer will be provided with a multi-channel e-commerce system (Omni-channel Ecommerce) from websites, social networks and applications to support sales, ordering and production consulting. The application of digital technologies will help dealers improve their digital marketing skills, e-commerce, and multi-channel sales system management capacity, thereby improving their competitiveness and sales in the digital era. In addition, Omni-channel CRM is a comprehensive customer resource management solution with the foundation of a CRM system to centrally manage all data and customer relationships. The smart switchboard system will support CRM in communicating with customers via phone channels with anti-SPAM features, call planning, smart call transfer, etc. In addition, OnCustomer – the customer experience management platform will help manage the quality of interaction with customers on every touch point (more than 10 online and offline communication channels such as phone, website, Facebook, Zalo …). Oncustomer also provides a CX Automation solution (automatic customer experience management) to automate a number of steps in the customer care process to ensuring the highest level of service quality and customer satisfaction.

The solution to the problem that the new digital technology system must be identical with Austdoor’s existing system has been solved by Novaon by using Single Sign On – Novaon ID, a centralized user management system that helps employees of the company. Austdoor only needs a single account to access the full range of software solutions offered. In addition, Novaon’s platforms are synchronized and integrated with each other and with Austdoor’s ERP through a transparent data integration (ESB) axis. In addition, Austdoor’s warranty and repair team will be equipped with a separate smartphone application to manage the entire process and quality of after-sales service directly to each customer.

Mr. Duong Quoc Tuan, the Chairman of Austdoor Group said: “In the next 5 to 10 years, Austdoor Group identifies digital transformation as a key strategy to help improve management capacity, competitiveness as well as growth of the organization. After ERP solutions have been deployed, building a customer resource management system (CRM) is the next step to help Austdoor perfect and increase operational efficiency, contributing to delivering outstanding customer experiences and creating a come up with better ways to choose products and services for consumers.”

The project of building a CRM customer resource management system for Austdoor Group will be implemented in 5 months. In the next phase, Austdoor Group plans to carry out big data digital transformation and create new business models. The Austdoor Group’s digital transformation project aims to both improve the organization’s capacity and contribute to promoting the digital transformation of the building materials industry in general.

Established in 2003, Austdoor Group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of door solutions and high-tech building materials in Vietnam with a system of 06 manufacturing plants spread across three North regions. – Central – South, more than 600 distributors and 2,000 points of sale in 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

In the face of the continuous impact of the COVID-19 from 2020 until now, Austdoor has still achieved positive business results when it entered the Top 10 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam (FAST500), leading the industry rankings. manufacturing and trading building materials and ranked in the Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in 2020 (VNR500).