Recently, the tropical depression combined with cold air currents has caused exceptionally heavy rain in the provinces from Thua Thien – Hue backwards. Rain and floods have caused hundreds of thousands of houses to be submerged and have roofs blown up, damaged thousands of hectares of flowers and vegetable, causing heavy damage and loss to human and property in Central provinces.

To deal with the floods and overcome the severe consequence caused by the floods, people in Central Vietnam are really in need of food to cope with the daily hunger, fresh water to dink, clothes, fundamental medicines, etc. With the traditional solidarity, intact leaves protect the tattered ones, Austdoor Group’s Board of Management calls for the joint effort of all Valued Resellers, Employees of the Group, and Member Companies from North to South to support our Central compatriots.

The donated funds will be used to buy rice and essentials, then quickly given to those suffering from the floods in Central Vietnam by Austdoor Group. Austdoor Nghe An Joint Stock Company and several Representative Resellers in the Central are responsible for directly distributing to the compatriots in Central provinces on behalf of the entire Austdoor’s Reseller network and employees of the Group.

The generous donation of the Valued Resellers and all employees of the Group will be recognized and published on the website by Austdoor Group: & the Group’s official fanpage.

We all hope that the kindness and love of the entire network of Resellers and all of the Group’s employees will contribute to help our compatriots in Central Vietnam overcome the hardship, soon stabilize their manufacturing activities and lives.


– For Resellers:

+ Valued Resellers register the amount of donation via attached registration form.

+ Based of the registered amount of donation by the Valued Resellers, Austdoor Group will advance the money for prompt transfer to Central compatriots.

– For Employees of Austdoor Group:

+ Employees of the Group donate via the trade union of member units.

– Austdoor Group deducts from the “For community” fund to support Central compatriots, the amount of money: VND 50,000,000

– Time for donation: before 5 p.m. on 20 October 2016.

Austdoor Group would like to express our sincere gratitude for the participation of Valued Resellers and the entire staff of the Group in this humane voluntary activity.

We look forwards to receiving the interest of Valued Resellers and the entire staff of the Group!