On 27th April, Austdoor Group (ADG) was honored in Top 10 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam 2021 (FAST500) as well as leading position of enterprises in production and trading of construction meterials.

The ranking are published by Vietnam Report in collaboration with Vietnamnet Online newspaper. The criteria to evaluate the rankings of the enterprises are arranged based on CAGR of revenue and business performance. In addition, criteria such as total assets, total labor, profit after tax and corporate reputation in the media, are also used as supporting factors to determine the size and position of ennterprise in the industry.

In the period of 2016 to 2019, the average CAGR of the Top 500 Fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam reached 28,2%. In particular, the growth rate of Austdoor is in the top 10 and this is the fastest growing in the construction material manufacturing and trading industry according to the results published by Vietnam Report.

Austdoor Group was honored at the FAST500 announcement event.

Despite the impact of the Covid19 epidemic, Austdoor still maintains position in the top 5 Prestigiuous construction materials enterprises and the top 500 Largest enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500)

The ability to adapt to market changes.

Established in 2003, Austdoor Group is proud to be the one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers with high-tech construction materials and door in Vietnam.

In recent years, Austdoor has invested in expanding production and market scale to create a step-by-step but solid development platform. By having 6 factories and 600 distributors with 200 retailers nationwide, Austdoor is allowed to ensure the ability to respond and adapt quickly to market changes, thereby maintaining the trust of partners and customers.

Austdoor Group expends production scale to adapt with market changes.

In addition to investing in expanding the scale and production capacity, Austdoor focuses on researching and constantly diversifying product lines to continuously entering new markets. In 2017, Austdoor Group launched Topal Aluminium – a product that was honored to achieve Vietnam Value award with Austdoor roller door in 2020. Eratek steel tile and light truss was launched in 2018 with the expectation of becoming a new solution to replace traditional roofing materials.

At the end of 2020, Austdoor officially entered the solar energy industry by investing and launching Sunrak brand – the expert of solar mouting system contributing to bring green energy industry quality products as well as effectiveness solutions.

After 18 years of development, Austdoor Group affirm leading position in the market with prestigious products: Austdoor roller doors, Huge wooden doors, Topal aluminium , Eratek steel tiles and light trusses, Austdoor glass accessories. Sunrak solar mouting systems, Sunspace glass wall facades and Austcare services center.

Pioneering in digital transformation and technology application

In addition to solutions to increase revenue and save costs in difficult times, feature of Austdoor’s priority strategies is to focus on investing in digital transformation in production and business operations to enhance customer experience. We soon apply resource management software as E-office, SAP to optimize management and operation, and launch applications to support partners, customers and management such as CRM, SMO – sales management online, Webhub, VR virtual reality experience… to increase customer experience.

Austdoor Group prioritizes investments in supporting partners and customer experience enhancement applications.

Mr. Le Thanh Son – Aust door Sales director of roller doors agents in the North region said: “The signs of positive recovery of the domestic economic market due to initial good disease control are bringing more optimism and confidence to Vietnamese businesses. However, there are still many difficulties, therefore Austdoor Group will continuously strive to maintain steady growth from the core businesses of doors and construction materials, develop new products and adopting modern sale models. We look forward to being pioneer in digital transformation and applying technology to production to not only support Austdoor but also contributes to promoting the overall development of the construction materials industry in Vietnam. In 2021 and the coming years, Austdoor is expected to reach out to the international market to affirm the quality and position of Vietnamese brands”

With the strategic direction of digital transformation and enhancing customer experience, Austdoor Group continues to set new challenging goals for the period 2021 to 2025 to affirm leading position in door and high-tech construction materials industry in Vietnam.

FAST500 rankings are based on independent research and evaluation results according to international standards of Vietnam Report, periodically published annually since 2011 by VietnamNet Newspaper – Ministry of Information and Communications, with the consultation of experts and advisory boards in both domestic and foreign, including professors at Harvard University and the American Institute of Innovation and Creation.

Enterprises participating in the FAST500 ranking must ensure the following criteria: Being Vietnamese enterprises established and operating stably for more than 4 years up to the time of rating announcement; Achieve a high average annual growth rate of revenue in the 2016 – 2019 period (according to the criteria of Compound Annual Growth Rate – CAGR); Having good business performance in the most recent fiscal year (2020); Well observing the laws and policies of the State.

Sources: Vietnamnet