On March 25th, 2021, Vietnam Report offically announced the “Top prestigious construction – building materials companies in 2021”,  in which Austdoor Group honored to be on Top 5 for theses segments: Door – Profile sheet – Partition: Plastic, Aluminium Glass, Plaster

Sources: Vietnam report – Top 10 Prestigious Construction – Building materials companies in March, 2021

With the background of nearly 20 years of manufacturing door products such as Austdoor roller doors, Huge wooden doors

, along with remarkable development of Topal aluminium doors and Sunspace facades in recent years, Austdoor Group always maintain leading position in filed of manufacturing high-tech materials and supplying doors with intelligent solutions in vietnam. Vietnam Report’s independent research results are built on scientific and objecctive principles.


The reputation of companies is assessed based on research on the financial factors, corporate image on the media and the evaluation of stakeholders in the industry, includings: (1) Financial capacity shown on the most recent financial report, (2) Media reputation is assessed by Media Coding method – encoding articles about companies on influential media channels; (3) The survey of research subjects and stakeholders in the period from 2020 to 2021 is also used as an additional factor to determine the position of comapany in the industry. Construction industry in Vietnam has entered the development stage in 2016. Companies in the industry have gradualy affirmed position in the field of building construction, materials, architecture and construction planning as well as urban area development. Construction capacity has progressed to meet the demand for construction, including large-scale projects requiring


high quality, modern technology at both domestic and international market, gradually replacing internation companies to actively change and develop the country in more modern direction.

Austdoor Group was honored to be one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing enterpeises in Vietnam (Fast500) and in the Top 500 Largest enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500)

The ranking of Top 10 prestigious Construction – Building materials companies in 2021 is an independent and objective research result of Vietnam Report, published annually since 2016. The results bases on Media Coding method (encoding press data) which has been applied by Vietnam Report and partners since 2012, combining research on key industries with high growth potential. Research method of media analysis to assess the reputation of companies based on the Agenda Setting theory on the influence and impact of media on the community and society. Maxwell McCombs and Donald L Shaw was officially announced theory in 1968 then it was realized and applied by Vietnam Report with partners. Accordingly, Vietnam Report used the Branch Coding method (evaluating the image of the company in the media) to analyze the prestige of enterprises operating in the Construction – Building Materials industry in Vietnam.