Austdoor Group officially entered into solar energy industry by investing as well as launching Sunrak brand – the expert of solar mouting system with the synchronous and intelligent solutions. Austdoor Group organized  the seminor of Sunrak – the expert of solar mounting system in Le Meridien – Marriott at Hochiminh city on January 21st, 2021. Sunrak official launched hundreds of investors, EPC general contractors and experts in the solar energy industry.

Sunrak brand is a new step of Austdoor Group in the field of manufacturing and trading high-tech construction materials. With the advantages such as owning 6 large-scale factories nationwide with experience and production technology in the aluminium profiles as well as mild steel, Sunrak launched 3 synchronous and intelligent solutions for the solar mouting system, including Sunrak AL, Sunrak Steel and Solar Tracker. At the seminor, not only introduced the quality standard for aluminium solar mouting system 6005 – T6, Sunrak also brought solutions to new materials such as high-strength steel mouting G550 with durable galvanized aluminium. By announcing about Sunrak Tracker – a rorating rig with leading technology in the world from Germany, it attracted the attention of investors as Sunrak Tracker can increase batteries generation efficiency up tp 28,5%.


Investors and participants in the seminor directly visit and evaluate Sunrak products

With the potential for development in the solar energy industry, along with the support about policy from the Government, the number of solar energy projects has increased in recent years. However, while thousands of soler energy projects have been massively installed to follow the Government’s preferential progress, some investors have not yet paid attention on quality seriously and not fully understood about technical standards with installation instructions. It can cause potential unsafety risks for the projects. Therefore, on December 28th, 2020, the Ministry of Construction issued official letter 6242/BXD-KHCN on the dissemination of the document “Technical guidance related to construction safety when installing solar energy system” to limit potential risks about insecurity for projects.

Not only in terms of safety, solar mouting system are increasingly playing an important role in projects. Based on the fact from countries such as the US, Germany, Australia,… has proven, optimal solutions of the support system help investors shorten construction time and reduce investment costs as well as improve the quality of the projects.


Choosing high quality solar mouting system helps to improve the quality of the project and shorten the construction time.

By understanding market trends and the difficulties of owners with contractors, Austdoor Group determined to accelerate research and development in less than 3 months to launch Sunrak – solar mouting system in the last months of 2020. 3 main products of Sunrak are Sunrak AL, Sunrak Steel and Sunrak Tracker. Sunrak AL is a supporting frame designed synchronously from aluminium billet AL 6005-T6 which ensures the loading capacity of 1600 PA with over-load factor ɣm = 1,5 according to the TCVN 6781-2:2017 standards. It is capable of withstanding external influences and has passed the 18th grade electrostatic wind test ( Beaufort Extended Range). Sunrak steel is saving solution with a galvaniezed aluminium-coated G550 based steel mouting system with durable and lightweight structure but still ensures  stability. Finaly, Sunrak Tracker is a modern solar mouting system using smart light sensing technology with leading technology of DEGER, Germany. It helps to increase 28,5% of generation efficiency compared to common system.

Sunrak solar mouting system attracts the attention of investors, EPC general contractors and experts in the solar energy industry.


At seminor,  Mr. Hoang Thanh Tung – the Project Sales department’s director of Austdoor Group shared: “Solar energy is the development trend of the future. This is also an area that requires a methodical and long-term investment with a large capital. The exploitation time is up to 20 years, therfore, long-term safety factors are required. In addition, intelligent and synchronous solutions are also needed to improve effeciency on investment capital. Therefore, investors should choose reputable brands as well as focus on quality and have techonology factor for long-term companionship. This will help projects to be ensured about the exploitation time and quickly recover capital.”

With the purpose to bringing the best values to customer, Sunrak solar mouting system not only bring stability and sustainability of projects, but also contribute to helping investors to shorten construction time and reduce investment costs. In addition to improving the quality of projects, Sunrak improves its resilience to impacts of nature over long period of time and possibly up to 20 to 30 years.