To honor the history, Austdoor Group takes its pride in being awarded with the National Brand again with 2 certificated products: Austdoor roller shutters – The first and only roller shutters to achieve the title twice in a row (2018 & 2020) and Topal Aluminum – The “Youngest” Aluminum Brand to achieve the title after 3 years of introduction (2017 – 2020)

This is the milestone to recognize the brand’s reputation, product quality, technology, people and contributions to the community and society that Austdoor Group has accumulated throughout 18 years of establishment and development.

Austdoor Roller Shutter – The first and only roller shutters to achieve the title for two consecutive times.

Always securing the pioneering position and considering “creativity” as the guiding principle for each period of development, Austdoor Roller Shutter is proud to help change the appearance of Vietnamese architecture, creating new trend of consumption. It was well worth the effort when Austdoor became the first and only brand in the roller shutter industry to receive the National Brand award twice in a row from 2018 to 2020.

With this title, Austdoor secures its leading position as the pioneer and establishes the development standard for the industry of roller shutters. This is also the premise for Austdoor to confidently conquer the international market in accordance with the set goals for the following years.

Topal Aluminum – The “youngest” aluminum brand to achieve the title after only 3 years of introduction:

After only 3 year of introduction, Topal Aluminum was honorably certified as the Product of National Brand in 2020.

This is truly an outstanding development mark of Topal Aluminum because “National Brand” is not an award but the standard chosen by the Government of Vietnam with the Ministry of Industry and Trade assigned for implementation for product brands and businesses of national value. The nominated businesses of National Brand are considered leaders to help Vietnam stand shoulder to shoulder with friends from the five continents.

What is even more particular is that Topal Aluminum is the “youngest” aluminum brand to achieve the NATIONAL BRAND title after only 3 years of introduction (2017-2020), comparable to major brands.

National Brand is the Government’s special, long-term and unique trade promotion program to establish, develop the national brands through product brand.

The participation in the Program is a process for businesses to comprehensively assess its operations, manufacturing/business results and branding strategies via the Program’s set of criteria; thereby encouraging businesses to share and pursuit the Program’s core values, which are “Quality – Innovation, Creativity – Leadership”.

The Announcement Ceremony for products achieving the National Brand of Vietnam in 2020 is estimated to be held at the end of November 2020 at Hanoi Opera House and broadcast live on Vietnam Television.