In the morning of 23 May 2019, at National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi, the Exhibition of Distinct Graduate Theses of the 59th cohort Architecture and Planning students took place. This is the university’s annual activity but the first time with the participation of Austdoor Group. The exhibition attracted the attention of experts, consulting companies, contractors and a number of teachers and students of the University.  

At the exhibition, nearly 50 creative and excellent graduate theses with a diversity of building types were selected and introduced. With a view to creating a bridge between graduate students and architects and employers, the exhibition is an opportunity for students to meet, discuss, learn and share their knowledge about their profession.

Image of Austdoor Sponsor formally appearing in the display area

In order to encourage, motivate architecture students, after signing the memorandum, the Group has provided sponsorship for the Exhibition and rewarded the most excellent graduate theses. The Group also appreciated the quality of the theses, which proved the creativity of students and teaching quality of the university.

Assoc. Prof., PhD. Pham Hung Cuong – Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, is making the Opening Speech and expressing his gratitude to Austdoor Group

This is the beginning of a healthy cooperative relationship between Austdoor Group and the National University of Civil Engineering, and clearly demonstrates the social responsibilities, deeply human values that Austdoor Group has always striven for throughout its 16 years of development.

The exhibition attracts a large number of attendants after the opening ceremony

The exhibition takes place from 23 May 2019 to the end of 08 June 2019. All employees of the Group are invited to come and visit at Hall G3, 1st Floor, National University of Civil Engineering.