From 01 September to the end of 31 December 2020, Austdoor Roller Shutters presents an irresistible promotional program called “Buy Austdoor doors – Get thousands of gifts” to appreciate customers on a national scale.

In which, customers who order and possess the first 2000 sets of shutters from Austdoor aluminum roller shutters including: Line-Art, Bigos, Mega, Combi will be immediately provided with practical gifts such as: smart reversible umbrellas, Austdoor raincoats, Austdoor helmets.


– Bigos Roller shutters B100, B100s, Combi C70: Smart reversible umbrellas

– Roller shutters M70, M70.PC, M71, M71.PC, S50i, S50i.PC, L120: Austdoor raincoats

– Roller shutters S51i, S51i.PC, S52i, S52i.PC: Austdoor helmets

Particularly, all customers nationwide when purchasing Austdoor roller shutters are given the opportunities to participate in monthly lucky draw program during the implementation period. The gifts for lucky owners are very attractive, including:

– 16 Samsung Smart TV 4k 50 inch worth VND 8,600,000 for customers buying Bigos B100, B100s, Combi C70 roller shutters;

– 24 Sharp Inverter Refrigerators worth VND 4,400,000 for customers buying M70, M70.PC, M71, M71.PC, S50i, S50i.PC, L120 roller shutters;

– 40 Lock & Lock air fryers worth VND 1,500,000 for customers buying S51i, S51i.PC, S52i, S52i.PC roller shutters.

The lucky draw will be live streamed on the official website of on 01 October 2020, 02 November 2020, 01 December 2020, 07 January 2020 in both Northern and Southern regions.

The total value of the prizes in the promotional program reaches over VND 500 million.

Attractive prizes that are respective to the roller shutter families

This promotion is also an opportunity for Austdoor Group to express its sincere gratitude to all customers who have accompanied the corporate in general and the Brand of Austdoor Roller Shutters in particular throughout the 17 years. Together with meaningful gifts to families on the occasion of home warming, home renovation, Austdoor hopes to provide every family with the convenience, safety and absolute confidence when being protected by secured and aesthetic doors.

Established since 2003, Austdoor has always striven to remain its leading position in the field of providing safe and smart roller shutters. In the context of real estate – construction materials being severely affected by Covid-19 pandemic, Austdoor Roller Shutters are still selected for thousands of buildings across the country from urban houses, villas, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

4 product families of Line-Art/ Bigos/ Mega/ Combi are included in the promotional program

Products of Austdoor Roller Shutters are popular thanks to the built-in leading safety technologies such as: reversing when encountering obstacles, anti-copying of door opening codes, smoke sensors, sirens, etc. bringing about the absolute confidence for each family. In addition to the integration of many technologies, Austdoor also meets every demand of consumers with over 10 different types for urban houses.

Austdoor roller shutters are trusted for their aesthetic appearance and absolute safety

Customers will also find it convenient to look for and select Austdoor door sets thanks to the network of over 600 Resellers in 64 provinces and cities. Austdoor promises to provide consumers with exceptionally impressive experiences and establish sustainable values for the society.

For more information about products and promotions, please contact our Hotline at 1900-6828