At the end of March 2018, Austdoor Group was informed that Nguyen Duc Nhat (born on 26 November 2016), son of Mr. Nguyen Duc Cuong (Leader of ventilation slot team in Austdoor Plant of Yen My) was suffering from congenital heart defect and being treated at Hanoi Heart Hospital and needed surgery at huge costs. Mr. Cuong’s family is known to be extremely needy with his father’s early death and his mother being a farmer, he has to support his grandmother who has lost her working capacity and his wife has to quit her job since giving birth. He is the breadwinner of the family. Therefore, he could not afford the cost of heart surgery and treatment for his son, Nhat. 

Austdoor’s Representatives are giving gifts to Nguyen Duc Nhat

With the tradition of solidarity, Austdoor launched the program “Joining hand to support Mr. Nguyen Duc Cuong’s son”. Only within over 1 week from 27 March – 05 April 2018, Austdoor Group received the donation of VND 94.960.000.

In the morning of 14 April, Austdoor’s representatives came to visit, encourage and donate cash to Nhat’s family with the hope that the child would receive a successful heart surgery.

Touched by the help of the Group with her son surgery, Mr. Cuong’s shared: “Our family is deeply grateful to the kind-hearted people of the Company for their care and support for our son. This is a great encouragement for our family! We hardly know what to say except for our sincerest appreciation to the Company. Thank you so much!”

On behalf of every Austdoor member across the country, we wish that Nhat will soon recover, have fun and lead a similar live to other children!