Austdoor glass accessories recorded a 238% increase in product consumption in the first 6 months of 2021, despite being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Opportunity in challenge

In recent years, high-class glass doors have become a trusted trend in the design and construction of architects, contractors, investors and customers.

Not only enhancing aesthetics, glass doors also help to expand vision and the ability to get natural light by large-sized glass curtain. Besides, when the glass panels are combined with quality accessories such as floor hinges, glass clamps, locks, door handles … will help increase the aesthetics and ensure absolute safety for the project. Therefore, glass doors and high-end accessories are increasingly being selected in the market structure of the door industry in Vietnam.

Previously, high-grade glass doors and accessories were only used in office buildings and commercial centers. But in recent years, high-end glass doors and accessories are widely used and popularized for houses, high-end apartments, and business shops, and hold up to more than 30% of the industry’s product structure. The excitement of the market has attracted a series of imported accessory brands as well as promoted the development of domestic brands.

In 2016, Austdoor Group launched a product line of glasses accessories and won the trust of customers nationwide because of its product quality, diverse models and professional warranty service. With methodical investment and steady development, in the first 6 months of 2021, Austdoor glass accessories recorded a remarkable growth of 225% in revenue, Number of products produced and consumed increased by 238%, Number of representatives cooperation in providing Austdoor glass accessories nearly doubled over the same period in 2020.

Austdoor glass fittings are trusted for thousands of projects across the country

Over 5 years of development, Austdoor Glass Accessories have been distributed across the country and trusted by customers for a “small but mighty”, safe and top quality accessory product. Austdoor’s glass accessories products include: Floor hinges & clamps/locks of all kinds; Sliding glass door, Accessories for shower cabin; Door knob. Before being supplied to the market, Austdoor glass products have to go through strict and strict controls such as testing for features, strength, deformation, smooth and quiet operation, surface testing, painted surface, etc. All qualified products will be stamped with QC stamps then carefully packed and waiting for shipment.

Quick response to conquer the market

When the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, construction and business sectors were greatly affected, Austdoor Group quickly implemented timely adjustment measures to ensure “dual goals”. In addition to epidemic prevention, this unit also organizes screening tests, inpatient work, and division of shifts so as not to disrupt production, ensuring that Austdoor products as well as Austdoor glass accessories in particular are timely and safety when shipped to consumers.

Besides, the investment in improving product quality and improving the efficiency of the quality control and installation process has made Austdoor glass accessories more and more trusted by customers.

In the past, the programs of exchange old for new, product warranty in the form of “1 to 1” for up to 3 years have obtained impressive results with the participation of 2,000 Agents/points of sale Austdoor glass accessories nationwide, nearly 20,000 old/broken floor hinges regardless of type and brand are supported to change to new Austdoor floor hinges, nearly 6,000 Austdoor floor hinges were purchased by customers in just 2 months.


Customer satisfaction and better experience is the first goal Austdoor Glass Accessories aims to, through continued investment in production, quality with genuine warranty service and supply system.


To purchase Austdoor safe and quality glass accessories, please contact 1900 6828 for more support.