The project called “With ADG towards to Central” by Austdoor Group had donated more than 1000 gifts to relief, then restructure for schools and support livelihood for people in need from historic floods.

Besides supporting notebooks, pens for students to return to school soon with warm blankets and emergency cash for each household, but also rebuilding schools, house of love and standardized animal feed breeding livelihood projects are widely implemented by Austdoor Group with the enthusiastic supporting of local authorities as well as long-term volunteer organizations.

The project is organized by brands such as Austdoor roller shutter door, Topal aluminum, Sunspace windows and facades, Detec dental, Biovegi imported fruits, Bifina probiotics, Sao Viet mushroom, and Huge wooden doors with total value is VND 830 million. Deployed from the end of October until now, the ADG delegation has visited 3 provinces of Ha Tinh, Quanh Binh and Quang Tri. With VND 150 million by cash, nearly 1,000 warm blankets, 8 sets of aluminum, 8 sets of computers, 75 scholarships, 1,600 notebooks with pens and 1,500 breeding chickens were given to 900 households, 5 schools in villages and communes located in the center of the storm of the last historic disaster.

Austdoor Group with Sunspace Window., JSC donated 75 scholarships for students in Cam Binh, Ha Tinh

In addition to awarding scholarships for excellent student overcoming difficulties at Cam Binh highschool in Cam Xuyen, Ha Tinh; the project awarded 8 new computer sets for Ham Ninh secondary school – one of the most damaged schools in the flood center Quang Binh. “The first day when the flood was high, all the teachers were present at school at 6AM to urgently bring the equipment to the second floor, but water rose so fast, in just only 2 hours, it was almost completely submerged and unable to move” – Nguyen Thi Thu, the principal of school said.

The eagerness of students to study with new computer

Flooded water was higher than 3 meters, all main doors, windows and most teaching equipments were swept away  by the floods. The teachers of Loc Thuy primary school in Quang Binh have to use tarpaulins to temporarily shield children in the cold rain. 8 Topal aluminum door sets with water resistance, discreet and noise resistance are the solutions that Austdoor Group chooses to donateing for schools, bringing peace of mind to teacher and students. Through support projects, Austdoor Group wants to give more confidence to the students to go to school steadily and to give the wings for their dreams.

Removed the cover, the new windows welcome the light for classroom at Loc Thuy school

After the first phase of  emergency projects, the second phase of “With ADG towards the Central” project with the purpose of supporting reconstruction and livelihood support has also reached the upland people of Van Kieu ethnic in Huong Tan commune, Huong Hoa, Quang Tri. There are 50 livelihoods, including chicken breeds and breeding bran, are eagerly awaited by local people. There are still people in Van Kieu who do not speak Vietnamese fluently, but when asked, everyone clearly replied as two words “very happy”

Austdoor Group donated breeding chickens and livestock bran to Van Kieu households

My Thuy and Duong Thuy communes – two cumunes deeply flooded and isolated by the recent storms in Quang Binh are the last stops of the projects. 500 households received blankets to partly welcome a warmer Tet holiday.


Hundreds of warm blanket returned to the people before the damaging cold

“With ADG towards to the Central” project launched by Austdoor Group since October, 2020 has quickly received the support and companionship of the Austdoor and Topal agent community, partners, customers as well as the member of companies and Austdoor Group staffs nationwide. After 2 months of implementation, Austdoor Group awarded nearly 1,000 gifts to the people, students at the same school in the Central provinces, and the damaged dealers with a total values of more than VND 800 million. With the hope that a new year will be free of natural disasters and epidemics, Austdoor Group plans to implement programs to contribute to the construction of new works, spreading the sense of responsibility to the community.