During the 15 years of development, Austdoor Group has built a leading position in Vietnam, providing the market with high-tech doors and building materials such as: Austdoor roller shutters; Topal aluminum profiles and accessories; Huge wooden door; Sunspace aluminum doors & glass railings; Eratek steel tiles & lightweight trusses, Austdoor glass accessories, etc. Austdoor products are present in 63 provinces and cities nationwide with 4 manufacturing factories, nearly 500 distribution agents, more than 2,000 retail agents nationwide and providing the “Safe doors, safe house” solutions to more than 2 million Vietnamese families.

In addition to maintaining the leading position in the roller shutter market, ADG’s new development strategy in the next 5 years is to continue to lead, bring changes to the aluminum market, and bring the Vietnam aluminum industry to keep pace with the region with synchronous, high-end products that meet international standards. In preparation for that period, the Group announces many effective support policies for agents such as: specific agent zoning, eliminating unfair competition; market development assistance; manufacturing technology training and transfer; agent assistance in the sales, warranty and customer care processes. In 2019, ADG will also focus on developing stronger in the Southern market. From 2019, ADG aims to expand the roller shutter market to countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, and Cambodia. This is considered a huge development for the Vietnam roller shutter industry, as well as an affirmation of the Group’s mission to create and pioneer the way.

Topal Prima high-end product line launched at the event is considered as a step for the Vietnam aluminum industry with breakthrough designs and innovations. The product impresses with the first aluminum folding sliding doors that share aluminum bars and accessories with folding doors and sliding doors design with unlimited number of doors without rails, etc. Topal Prima aluminum doors converge the preeminent features of a high-end aluminum door system that meet international standards, helping to bring the Vietnam aluminum brand to a new level.

On this meaningful event, Mr. Duong Quoc Tuan – Chairman of BOD and General Director of Austdoor Group shared: “Pioneering in the smart roller shutter market in Vietnam, during the past 15 years, Austdoor has continuously innovated, with the agent system to exploit and create a vibrant roller shutter market, bringing Vietnam roller shutter market to lead the Southeast Asia. With the aim at bringing a better life, in the next 5 years, along with maintaining the leading position in the field of roller shutters, Austdoor Group aims to become the leading aluminum brand in Vietnam. We affirm that we will continue to promote the development of the Vietnam aluminum industry with synchronous and high-grade aluminum doors that are individually researched and developed in accordance with the Vietnam market, meeting international standards. Especially, since 2019, ADG will also focus on developing stronger in the Southern market. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, we would like to send our sincere gratitude to all customers and partners who have accompanied us throughout the long journey.”

The Austdoor brand was established since 2003, signed the technology transfer with B&D Group (Australia), Austdoor brought a new technology revolution, deleted the old and outdated roller shutter system and brought the appearance for Vietnam’s architecture. Austdoor roller shutter pioneered, bringing the Vietnamese roller shutter manufacturing industry to develop. The 15th anniversary event held with the spaceship image and the astronauts entering the future space conveys the message of the determination to continue to grow and reach out in the present and future of the whole Group.

15 years is a long enough way to assert Austdoor as a brand with a vision and mission to pioneer, to revolutionize the industry of roller shutters and aluminum in the country. Especially in the context of domestic aluminum market ambiguity about product quality standards; the manufacturers have still disadvantageous position under pressure from Chinese aluminum and the consumers often use poor quality products due to lack of official information, Austdoor Group is committed to providing high-tech doors and building materials that are safe, high-quality and sustainable for Vietnamese consumers. It will be a solid foundation to open the future, orient the quality of Vietnam roller shutters and aluminum to reach out the world.

By VnExpress